Food pantries and restaurants prepare Thanksgiving meal for those in need

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Many food pantries and restaurants have spent weeks gathering donations to prepare Thanksgiving meals for those in need today.

One restaurant closed their business for the day to serve more than a thousand people a home cooked meal.

For many people, this is home for the holidays, others consider it a saving grace.

"I cut my thumb so I couldn't cook," said Stephanie Icon, from West Palm Beach.

Each year working mothers, like Stephanie Icon, find themselves looking for a way to afford.

"Sometimes about 150 dollars," said Icon.

What can be a pricey meal...for one day.

"It got expensive to cook, to buy the food so I would probably consider going to one of the churches," said Icon.

For 29 years volunteers at Farmer Girl Kitchen in Lake Worth, have cooked a free Thanksgiving dinner for those in need.

Originally geared toward the homeless, owner Peter Roubekas says now  many people, are just looking for company.

"My wife died three years ago," Roubekas said  "By myself yeah, by myself," he said.

Strangers are seated next to each other to enjoy a meal and conversation, often returning as volunteers themselves.

"I came in here I ate for free I was down in life, now I'm doing well here's some money," said Roubekas.

Food may have brought them here.

"It feels home cooked, it's very good," said Icon.  

But family is where you find it and what keeps them coming back.

"If I had to be somewhere I'd want to be here," said Icon. 

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