Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation sends 15,000 bass swimming to restock many area lakes

Restocking effort helps anglers, local economy

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- For many people, when the temperature heats up and Spring approaches, it's prime time for fishing.

In an effort to keep the sport at a healthy and sustainable level, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is restocking many area lakes.

On Friday, biologists from FWC released 15,000 sunshine bass into Lake Osborne at John Prince Park.

FWC officials said it released the tiny, two-inch fish in part to help control already abundant fish species and to sustain a new fishery.

Biologists working on the restocking effort said the release not only has a big impact on anglers, but on those who do not fish.

"When people do that, they spend money. So when they spend money, it has an influence on the local economy," said Barron Moody, an FWC biologist. "This fish is the cheapest thing we produce at the hatchery, we're going to put them out here and get much more return."

Moody said it will take the sunshine bass about one-to-two years to reach adult size big enough to be caught.

The FWC said in addition to the restocking at Lake Osborne, about 5,000 sunshine bass were released at Lake Ida.

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