Decades of drainage problems have neighbors asking city for sewer upgrades

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Neighbors of one Lake Worth neighborhood say drainage problems on their street near US-1 and 17th Ave. S have them dreading this year's rainy season.

Rain Monday night and Tuesday left nearly a foot of water on their street from backed up, clogged drains.

The neighborhood is along the Intracoastal. During high tide, neighbors say just a couple inches of rain can leave their street in feet of water.

"It just rises and rises until sometimes it's up to our knees," said neighbor Pat Berman.

She says the drainage back up along the street has been a problem for the 17 years she has lived there. At times, she's left stuck at home.

"We can't go to work, we can't take our cars out, we can't have anybody over. We have to walk through neighbor's yards to get to our own home, " said Pat.

Neighbor Justin Guy says the high water ruined his truck, and puts his father at risk.

"Dad is undergoing chemo treatment and he can't go out of the house himself right now. So, if one of our vehicles break, he can't go to his treatments," said Justin.

Neighbors say they want the city to make a permanent fix. The city worked on the drain Tuesday to clear clogged leaves and debris."They put a band-aid on it, then they leave," Berman said.

Berman says shes called the city numerous times and has seen numerous crews try to make changes.

Guy says they need a storm flap to cover the drainage pipe that controls water flow to and from the Intracoastal.

"We need another drain at the end of the road, or a better drain put in down here," said Guy.  Multiple streets drain into the one system.

Berman says she hopes the city will consider adding a drainage upgrade for the neighborhood to the city's next budget.


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