Colorado shooting: Local gun shops react to firearms used in massacre

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - The shooting massacre in Colorado has awoken the debate on gun control once again.

Many groups around the country are calling for stronger laws, shocked about how the suspect allegedly was able to obtain four guns and a large amount of ammunition.

But according to local gun shops, such as the Palm Beach Shooting Center, the four guns police allegedly found on James Holmes - two Glock pistols and an AR-15 rifle - are not uncommon.

Manager Chuck Papp said people can legally purchase all of those firearms at most gun shops in Florida. He added that the guns are popular with consumers.

Papp said the shotgun is a common choice because it is often used for hunting. The Glock pistol has been popular for decades and the AR-15 sell in high numbers because it is used among the armed forces, he said.

"Those are very quite common guns. You can walk into any gun store and gun show and you're going to see hundreds of those types of firearms. So being surprised about those types of guns being used, not at all," said Papp.

Anyone who wants to purchase a gun at an authorized dealer must fill out a background check.

Papp said if the buyer does not have a concealed weapons permit, they have to wait five business days to take the weapon home.

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