Armed robbery suspect recovering after deputy involved shooting

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate a deputy involved shooting that happened early Saturday morning following an attempted armed robbery.

The sheriff's office says one man remains in the hospital with critical, but not life-threatening injuries.

Detectives say the deputy involved shooting happened in an alley near 6th Avenue South and D street.

The sheriff's office says a man tried to rob a person near Dixie Highway and 6th Avenue South, and discharged his weapon. No one was injured.

A deputy nearby chased the man into the alley and shot him. According to the sheriff's office, the suspect turned toward the deputy during the chase. The deputy shot the man claiming he feared for his life.

Neighbors nearby say they, too, fear for their safety.

Katelyn Hopkins has a 2-year-old son. 

"It's terrifying as a mother to know there is so much crime going on around here. I feel like the quality of life in this area is definitely not a long lasting one so we will be moving because it's just too much," she said.

The sheriff's office says the suspect dropped his handgun. Investigators recovered it and found the serial numbers scratched off.

The sheriff's office has not yet released the identity of the suspect.

The deputy has been placed on administrative leave as a standard procedure during the investigation.

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