Abandoned home in Florida becomes garbage wasteland in Lake Worth, neighbors frustrated with dumping

Hundreds of tires, appliances and garbage found

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- - A Lake Worth neighborhood has become enraged after a nearby abandoned home has turned into a dangerous dumping site.

The property on the 1200 block of South L Street has become littered with hundreds of tires, old appliances and garbage.

Neighbors of the now dilapidated home say no one seem to want to take responsibility of the home.

"It's horrible, it's horrible," said Craig Frost who lives a few doors down from the home. "It's a perfect place for rodents."

Frost said it is also a perfect place for anyone to dump unwanted items. He said after the home became foreclosed, it has slowly turned into a disgusting wasteland over the years.

"Any locals that now just want to dump stuff and get away with it. Tires, appliances, furniture. It's just piling up," said Frost.

Frost fears both for the appearance of his neighborhood and for the safety of it. He said he has called the city and beyond but no one seems to want to listen.

"My fear is that it's going to encroach onto other properties next to it and it gets further and further," said Frost.

Calls to the City of Lake Worth Code Compliance Office were not immediately returned.

Property records indicate the home is now owned by Bank of America.

Bank spokesperson Jumana Bauwens sent the following statement:

"It appears that the property is in our name but there is a chance that the property is the responsibility of another servicer as we have not been able to identify the property in our portfolio."
Frost said he just wants someone to take responsibility before the problem gets to his doorstep.

"Level it or rehab the house and have a family move in. One or the other," said Frost.

Bank of America said it will be investigating the situation and could have more information on Friday.

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