Hurricane-proof traffic lights installed in Palm Beach, Broward counties

Invention can withstand 110 mph winds

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Work continues to install devices at dozens of Palm Beach County intersections in hopes of improving safety and saving taxpayer dollars in case of a hurricane.

During a storm, traffic lights can bounce and come crashing down, putting drivers at risk. 

Local resident Bob Townsend watched as his wife narrowly missed another drive at an intersection that had lost traffic signals shortly before Hurricane Wilma.  Townsend started working towards a hurricane-proof traffic light.  Read our story from July.

The new device, an aluminum hinged "arm" of sorts, are currently being installed, retrofitting signals at intersections across South Florida.  Currently, vertical cables hold up traffic lights, but the device is aimed at making them stronger.  The invention can withstand up to 110 mph winds, preventing them from bouncing and breaking off. 

The Florida Department of Transportation is retrofitting 54 intersections in Palm Beach County and 52 in Broward.

Read Tuesday's story in the Palm Beach Post.

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