High school football players avoiding dehydration on the field

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Thirteen year old C.J. Small loves to play football in his front yard with his brothers. He says he also plays football for Palm Beach Gardens High School.

His mother, Micheline Small, says she is glad he is active, but worries about practicing under the hot Florida sun.

"Not only me but other parents have concerns with the heat but with that the coaches try to accommodate and work with the kids, making sure that they are protected," said Micheline.
Her son C.J. said,  "It's all of the pads, the helmet on you, once I come from practice I am drenched in sweat. My workout outfit, everything in sweat. it's just that hot."
Doctors warn players, coaches and parents on the warning signs.

What to look for:

Severe fatigue and nausea
Clammy skin
Dizziness, confusion and anxiety

Procedures to help the player:

Take the player through a cool down
Remove the pads and have the player sit in the shade
Possibly an ice bath, if needed

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