Thieves break into Greenacres Little League concession stand stealing thousands in equipment

Little league burglary could cancel season

GREENACRES, Fla. -- - A little league in Greenacres found itself in a tough spot on Monday after discovering someone broke into the league's concession stand. The league said the thieves got away with thousands of dollars of items, putting the league at risk of cracking into the August baseball season.

The alleged burglary left the concession stand in Greenacres a mess and put more than 100 kids and 11 teams at risk of losing their baseball season.

Even on a day when the field was soaked with puddles, little league players like Robert Herrera, 13, cannot stay away from baseball. Herrera, a catcher, is keeping his throwing arm warm because in just a month the Greenacres Little League season is set swing open.

"It is a special time because I get to play rec and have fun playing it," said Herrera.

The love Herrera has for the game though might not happen in 2012 for Herrera and the hundreds of others that fill the rosters of the teams.

A few days ago, league members say they stumbled across a sickening scene. They said someone drilled the lock to their concession stand taking anything of value in sight.

"They're not taking away from me, they're not taking away from any other coaches or the team moms or any of the board members, they're taking away from the kids. You know all this stuff is for them," said Cristina Orta, league volunteer and mother of Herrera.

Orta said hundreds of dollars of food and drink were ripped right out of the fridge, and brand new equipment that was recently donated was ripped off.

"It's pretty sad because those people who took it, just took away other kids time of playing baseball," said Herrera.

The league said newly donated catcher gear, umpire equipment and some other on-field items were snatched from them. League members said all of  the stolen items are vital and they must have them to play ball.

A police report was filed, but so far there are no leads according to the Greenacres Department of Public Safety.

"They made have broken in here and trashed the place, but they didn't break us," said Orta.

The Greenacres Little League said the building that was broken into is insured but not anything inside.

If the league does not obtain new gear, members might have to delay or cancel the season that is expected to start in August.

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