Salvador Ortiz, Kimberly Panaro: Pair suspected of Greenacres carjacking, arrested

Investigators say they have made two arrests in connection with the recent carjacking of a 79-year-old man outside of a Cumberland Farms gas station in the 5200 block of 10th Avenue, North. 

Salvador Ortiz was arrested Sunday and is being held on $1.82 million bond.

Also in custody is Kimberly Panaro.

They are accused of pistol-whipping, robbing and carjacking Anibal Velez.

Velez says he was driven to a Bank of America in the 3700 block of South Military Trail and forced to withdraw hundreds of dollars from an ATM.

"I never got out of the car. I felt a guy on the right jumping into my car. And, he had a pistol in his hand. "Before I could say anything, he slapped me with a pistol across my mouth," Velez told NewsChannel 5.

Both Ortiz and Panaro face numerous felony charges.

NewsChannel 5's Alex Sanz contributed to this report.

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