Greenacres man, believed to have been stabbed, cut his hand punching a window, cops say

 GREENACRES — A Greenacres man whose daughter claimed he had been stabbed earlier today, was in fact not stabbed, according to police.

Greenacres Police say they responded to reports of a possible stabbing at 241 Broward Avenue at 3:30 a.m. Dispatchers at the time could not confirm that detectives were working a stabbing call.

But the daughter of the man who was injured, Brittnee Sledge, was sure her father, 44-year-old Darrin Sledge, was the victim of a stabbing.

"It looks like someone got murdered in there," Brittnee Sledge said about the amount of blood inside their home.

She said it all happened when an argument between her father's friend, Donald Howard, and his girlfriend, ended with the stabbing of her father. Brittnee Sledge added that her father was rushed to Delray Medical Center where he stable with a breathing tube.

But police investigators said Darrin Sledge's right hand was cut when his hand went through a window. In fact, not only was there no stabbing, the injury was self-inflicted, police said in a written release this afternoon.

According to the release, Darrin Sledge did try breaking up a fight between Donald and his girlfriend. But how Sledge sustained his injuries is what changes.

Police say Darrin Sledge became aggravated and "punched" his hand through a window, injuring himself in the process. After the incident, Darrin Sledge walked to a friend's house to call for help, leaving a trail of blood along fences and the sidewalk.

Brittnee Sledge said her father was forced to walk to a friend's house to seek help because their home's power had been cut off and they had no working phone.

When Greenacres Fire Rescue workers arrived, Brittnee Sledge said she was told her father had no blood pressure.

Howard was arrested for felony battery, after investigators learned that his girlfriend was the victim of domestic battery.

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