Police arrest man with 'inhuman' strength who went on a violent rampage through a grocery store

Police said a taser did not stop him

GREENACRES, Fla. -- - A Lake Worth man is in the hospital after investigators said he went on a violent rampage through a grocery store, damaged property and assaulted a young woman.

Greenacres Police said they were called out to the Monterray Supermarket on Thursday at the 5100 block of Lake Worth Road about a "combative man."

When the officer arrived, he found Noel Torres, 35, on the ground screaming, "FOOD! I want FOOD!"

Officers said his veins were bulging from his neck when he began fighting with police with strength that appeared to be "inhuman."

Investigators said police tried taxing him, but it did not stop Torres. He kept fighting and terrorizing the supermarket.

It took a team of officers to finally bring him down.

"You don't know what you're getting into and it could come down to a fight for your life," said Andrew Scott, the former Boca Raton Chief of Police who is now a law enforcement consultant.

Scott said this case sounds like a case of "excited delirium." He said it is a worked up phase that can be brought on by a combination of drugs and possible mental illness.

"What you have is a formula for disaster," said Scott.

The Greenacres Police Department would not comment on the case or if it was "excited delirium."

The report also shows Torres even at one point lifted a young woman from the ground as he choked her.

When at the hospital, police said Torres said he wanted to die and pled with the officer to kill him because he was a bad person.

Scott said what is even more alarming is that he has seen an increase of cases like this.

"Why is that happening more frequently now as opposed to ten years ago? Can't tell you, don't know why. But there is no quick fix."

Torrest was charged with battery and resisting arrest.