World War II greande found in Greenacres

GREENACRES, Fla. - Kathy Wetzel has been weeding her yard for months. She was working in a planter when she came across something heavy and shaped like a pineapple. She quickly realized it was something dangerous, and it had been buried in that planter for a long time.

"I pulled a clump of weeds and something fell right into the middle of it," Wetzel said. "The dirt fell more off of it, it was a grenade," she said. "It's just amazing."

She dropped the grenade - gently - then ran inside to tell her family and call for help.

"It wasn't a dummy. It had a pin a rusted handle on it. And it looked dangerous," said Wetzel's boyfriend John Berthaut. "We did take a few pictures of it to make sure we were looking at something that we really were seeing," he said.

The backyard discovery sent the 5600 block of 37th Court South into lockdown. Greenacres Police Department called for help from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and also the sheriff's bomb squad.

Residents were ordered to stay inside their homes in case the grenade went off. "We came back inside, we watched everything. The police came," said neighbor George Camarillo.

Wetzel said that yard work is a task that usually relaxes her. She said it had the opposite effect when she found the World War II explosive in her garden. "I've been weeding the yard and fixing the yard for months here since we moved in January and this hand grenade is sitting in my yard," she said.

Police later told her it could have exploded causing damage 50 feet in every direction.

The bomb squad disposed of the grenade and, after a search of the property, said it was the only one there.

The planter the grenade was found in has been with this family for decades. It had been transported from Miami to Jensen Beach to Greenacres over the years. No one knew that they were also transporting a grenade at the same time.

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