Greenacres Police working home invasion, homicide

GREENACRES, Fl. - As night fell at the Pines Apartment complex, stunned family and friends of a 43-year-old male found dead in his own home, watched police comb the crime scene.

"(She said to me) they killed my son. I started crying. I said oh my God. She was crying too," said Dorothy Walters, a close friend of the victim's mother.

Walters says her best friend came home at noon to find her front door smashed and broken glass on the ground.

She called the police, who came and found her son's body.

Life, for everyone, stopped.

"I went to work but they sent me back home. I'm feeling so weak. I can't even go to console her," said Walters.

Greenacres police are being tight lipped.

At one point a public information officer stopped by to say he couldn't say more than there were signs of a break-in.

No cause of death or motive will be released tonight.

And so the community wonders.

"Usually this place is very quiet and you don't hear stuff like this going on," said neighbor Jennifer Escobedo.

"My prayers are definitely with them. It's very sad," said neighbor Jeanine Swick.

Police do say they're going to look at the possibility of previous break-ins at the home, but say it'll take at least a day to get any police reports.

 Police are investigating a home invasion homicide in the 2100 block of White Pine Circle.

On Thursday, a resident returned to her home and discovered an apparent burglary. Police officers say they were called about a possible burglary in progress.

When officers arrived they conducted a search of the residence and discovered a deceased male.

The man, believed to be in his mid-forties, was a resident of the home. The name of the victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. The investigation is ongoing.

Greenacres Police have been on the scene since shortly after noon today.


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