Some Fla. workers overseas hurt by government lockdown, Palm Beach County woman stranded in Germany

Army contract workers told to file unemployment

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Rosemarie Spencer of Wellington is out of work with no place to go. She is far away from home in Germany and was helping military families with the U.S. Army.
"It's a horrible situation. I'm away from home. I'm away from home in a foreign country. This is not 'Easy Street'," said Spencer.

With her husband Steve, Spencer traveled from their South Florida home to Wiesbaden, Germany as a contract worker with the U.S. Army Suicide Prevention Program.

When she walked into work on Tuesday, she was told to file for Florida unemployment due to the government shutdown.

"I feel as though the government has turned its back on me," said Spencer.

Spencer said if the shutdown goes on for longer than one month, she will have to make some tough decisions. She said she might have to leave behind everything in Europe and attempt to piece it together back in South Florida.

"I know I can't just go out and get a part-time job. So right now, It's scary. It's just real scary," said Spencer.

As her life sits in the hands of Congress, Spencer wants her elected officials to get back to work.

"Do a little bit more. Get a little out of your comfort zone and your own area and your own agenda," said Spencer. "Let's come back, let's be America."

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