From faux pas to cutting edge, the change in women's hairstyles

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - From being called "squirrel," to using orange juice cans, to having bad haircuts, women with curly hair have heard, tried, and experienced it all.

But now, what was once considered a fashion faux pas is cutting edge.

"I'm enjoying hair," says hair stylist Mercedes Vazquez who also has curly hair.

Katrina Rodriquez, owner and stylist at Curls Rock Hair Studio in Boca Raton, a salon that caters exclusively to women with curly hair adds, "They want an alternative. They're tired of it."

Friday night at 11, I'll tell you why many women are ditching the damaging flat irons, blowouts, and idea that straighter is better and redefining what it means to have beautiful hair.

Some of those women just may surprise you.

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