Fourth of July boating safety

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  officers are ramping up patrols for the holiday, including during fireworks displays.

The waterways are expected to be extra crowded this Fourth of July and FWC agents want to make sure boaters are safe.

If you are planning to boat after dark, authorities are reminding you to use proper lighting. Officials say boaters need to keep their green and red navigation lights on. White anchor lights should be on at all times, according to officials.

If you plan to watch fireworks from your boat, authorities say you need to stay outside of the perimeters set up by law enforcement. 

"If you're going to an area to watch your fireworks, please stay behind the line. The officers are out there keeping you safe," said FWC spokesperson Amanda Phillips.

Authorities also ask boaters not to rush back to the docks after the fireworks are over, to avoid any crashes with channel markers or other boats. 

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