Fantasy Five lottery ticket worth almost $205,000 sold at Publix in Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - Someone who purchased a Fantasy Five ticket at the Publix at 1700 S Congress Avenue, Palm Springs should be pleased with the result.

The Florida Lottery says the winning ticket worth just under $205,000 was bought at the Palm Springs location. There was only one winner in Thursday's drawing. 

According to lottery officials, the winning numbers are: 9-11-15-28-30

Lottery officials say the payout is as follows:

5-of-5 numbers: 1 winner, $204,960.84

4-of-5 numbers: 308 winners, $107

3-of-5 numbers: 9,308 winners, $9.50

2-of-5 numbers: 90,628 winners, Free Ticket

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