Child falls into pool, is rescued

A family is feeling relief after they rescued a two-year-old girl from a swimming pool.

Patrick Williams was awakened by his stepmother's 7-year-old daughter, who asked to use his cell phone to dial 911 for her little sister Amber.

The two-year-old had been discovered face down in the swimming pool behind his house. When he got to the pool, his stepmother had already pulled the child from the water, and the girl was again responsive.

"She had her on the floor. I don't know if she did CPR, or she had even done it, but she had her on the floor and was just crying and hysterical," he said.

He describes the little girl as talkative and a big fan of Mickey Mouse. He says, it is the kind of situation you never expect to happen to your own family.

"We have the sliding glass doors, she can't open it, we have the porch door, that's always closed too, it's just, if you think you have all the right precautions, check again," he said.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition reminds families to use their ABCs:

A: Adult Supervision, to keep a close eye on children
B: Barriers, to keep kids out of the water
C: Classes, to teach your children how to swim

For more information about how to keep your family safe, click here.

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