Sony PlayStation outage prompts 911 call in Palm Beach County

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Sony says its PlayStation network has been fully restored after a Christmastime attack knocked it offline for about three days.  During that time, a caller to Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office 911 system asked a dispatcher for assistance on the issue.

Saturday, the caller phoned 911 and referenced the PlayStation network.  In the 911 call recording obtained by WPTV, the caller asks, "I was wondering, do you guys know anything about that?"

The PBSO dispatcher temporarily asks the caller to wait while she asks others about the problem.  Then, she returns and tells the caller, "Yeah, I guess some people have been reporting it."

The dispatcher then suggests the caller phone Sony directly using a number that is likely on the machine itself.

PBSO later tweeted, "Last time I checked that wasn't an emergency.  Try going outside or read a book."

The FBI is investigating the Sony cyber attack that disrupted connectivity and online gameplay.

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