Back to school deals

WEST PALM  BEACH, Fla.- School starts in just one week in Palm Beach County, which means now is the time to shop for supplies.

According to the USA Today, the cost for school supplies has risen 7.3% since last year.  To send just one child to class, it could cost a couple hundred dollars.

We shopped around at two big retailers to find some deals for those shopping for back-to-school items. We compared the prices on three items: backpacks, a 32 gig flash drive and a graphing calculator.

At Target, backpacks vary in  price from $12 to more than $50. At Walmart, all of the backpacks we found were less than $20 each. Some were less than $10 per bag.

When shopping for a flash drive, we found a Lexar 32 GB on sale for $12.99. The flash drive typically costs $17.99, but it’s on sale this week until August 16. At Walmart, we found a SanDisk 32 GB flash drive for $19.97.

If you’re in the market for  a graphing calculator, you can find one on sale right now at Target. The store sells a Texas Instruments calculator for $84.99 until August 16. The calculator regularly costs $129.99. At Walmart, the same calculator costs $124.97.

If you were to get the cheapest backpack at Target and add up the total costs of these three items, it would be cheaper than all the items from Walmart.

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