All-in-one child data center launches Aug. 16 in Palm Beach County

All-In-One Child Data Center Launches Aug. 16 in Palm Beach County

For the first time in Palm Beach County, residents now have one place to go for vital, unbiased data related to child health and well-being. Join us Aug. 16 for the unveiling of The State of the Child Data Center, part of Palm Beach County Counts website, which allows agencies, policymakers, the media and the public to see in real time how our children are faring.

WHAT: The official launch of the State of the Child Data Center on Palm Beach County Counts,  This easy-to-use online data center allows us to pinpoint the challenges facing Palm Beach County's children so our community can better target its resources. In addition, the data center reduces redundancy while saving time and money. And because it's a Healthy Communities site, its data points and measurements are standardized, which means we can more easily see how Palm Beach County's children are doing in comparison to those across Florida and the nation.

WHO: Tana Ebbole, CEO of Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County, and Greta von Unruh, Executive Director of the Economic Development Research Institute, will present the new State of the Child Data Center on Palm Beach County Counts website (

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