Acreage flood victims forced to alter Thanksgiving plans

Struggles remain, months after tropical storm

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Even after months of recovery and rebuilding, this holiday season is proving to be more difficult than usual for some residents flooded out by Tropical Storm Isaac.

"Kind of hard to clean and wash a turkey and baste a turkey," said Lisa Prewitt as she looked at what remains of her kitchen. The night before Thanksgiving, and Prewitt has no sink, no countertops and no walls.

"You may have a roof over your head and a place to sleep, but it's not home," she said.

Her Acreage home was inundated with flood waters as Isaac swept through, leaving a lasting impression behind. 

"When you are by yourself or just driving home from work, that's when you have your breakdowns, you cry," she said. Prewitt had to rip out damaged appliances, plumbing and plaster.

Weeks after the storm, she sounded off to the Indian Trail Improvement District, hoping the board could have done more to help.

 "It flowed in my house," she said at a meeting in mid-September. "My house is totaled."

Since that moment of despair, life at the Prewitt home has gotten a bit better. There will be no turkey or trimmings there but still much to be thankful for, even as Prewitt's daughter sits in a bedroom lacking four walls.

"I'm thankful with my family that stuck around with me and my friends that stuck around with me and just at least that we have a roof over our heads," said Kellie Prewitt, 13.

This year, the family will have to spend Thanksgiving with friends. 

"What doesn't hurt you, makes you stronger. And it has made us stronger," said Prewitt.  The worst, she believes, is now behind them.

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