8 years since Cynthia Moffett's murder at Forest Oaks Golf Club

It's a date one family will never forget.

On March 23, 2006, Cynthia Moffett was working at the Forest Oaks Golf Club in Palm Beach County.

"It was closing time and just as she was closing up is when the intruders came in, intruder, whomever," says her brother Randy Moffett.

"Unfortunately during the robbery she was shot and killed," says Det. Jeff Weissman with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, "She was found at the rear of the clubhouse."

Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says Moffett was shot twice in the torso.  The killer hasn't been found but police and her family believe her murder will one day be solved.

"We're not forgetting Cindy," says Moffett.

Relatives say it's tough to visit the site where Moffett was murdered.  They relive the nightmare every time.

"When they found her she had tried to get out the door so she was face down outside," says her sister Pamela McCormick, "That never goes away. That vision never goes away."

Moffett's murder is now a cold case.  But the sheriff's office says they're actively working on it. Det. Weissman says they have leads but no arrests yet.

"We're not gonna let it fall by the wayside," says Det. Weissman.

A reward is being offered for information.  If you know anything about this case call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

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