77-year-old rape victim speaks about her ordeal

A 77-year-old woman raped at a West Palm Beach senior living complex says she is relieved that almost two and a half months later her alleged attacker is locked up.

The woman wanted to tell her story because the man, who she says has haunted her every day since this happened, is now behind bars.

West Palm Beach police arrested 58-year-old James Evans and used DNA evidence to charge him with sexual battery. They say he broke in through a window at the senior housing complex off Military Trail and raped the victim for two hours.

“When I moved toward him he grabbed me, and he put his arms around me, and led me back to the bed and he kept whispering ‘it is going to all right. Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you.’ And I was going ‘okay, okay,’ ” she said.

The manager at the senior living complex says since the rape they have added a nighttime security guard who patrols the building and they've made sure the security cameras are working.

They have also added more lights in the parking lot.

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