4 people shot in two separate shootings: Sugar Daddy's and outside La Familia pawn shop

Palm Springs police confirmed two men were shot in front of La Familia pawn shop on south Military Trail after leaving FlashDance night club.

Police say several men were standing in front of the pawn shop around 4:30 this morning when they were fired upon.

Police say they believe the shooter was on foot. 

The Palm Springs police department says they do not believe the shooting is related to an earlier shooting at Sugar Daddy's Adult Cabaret in the 4:00 am hour, two miles down the road on south Military Trail.

Police say Linnie Moore of Lake Worth and Mikel Clotaire of West Palm Beach both suffered minor gun shot wounds inside the Sugar Daddy's night club.

Both victims were transported to Delray Medical Center.

There are currently no suspects in either shooting.

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