25-year-old man charged with choking 16-year-old girlfriend

A 25-year-old man, who choked his 16-year-old girlfriend, faces sexual assault charges in addition to those of domestic battery by strangulation, after a neighbor called police on Sunday.

As of early this afternoon, Ryan Nelson, of Palm Springs, was being held without bond at the Palm Beach County Main Detention Center.

He was arrested after a neighbor, who heard screaming, looked through her front window and saw Nelson holding his 16-year-old girlfriend around her throat "choking her," according to a Palm Springs Public Safety arrest report. The neighbor ran over and "pounded" on the window as she called 911.

After arresting Nelson, for domestic battery by strangulation, police discovered that his girlfriend was indeed 16 years old.

The teenager told the responding corporal that she had been dating Nelson for nearly a year and had lived together for about six months, though the two had not been living together as of lately, the report stated.

She added that she was on birth control medication because the two were sexually active.

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