Safety Council of Palm Beach County announces 'Baby in Back' campaign to promote back seat safety

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Each year, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue receives 400 calls for children locked in cars. Sadly, some of them are fatalities. 

The Safety Council reports that each year since 1998, an average of 38 children die in the U.S. due to hypothermia.  Council leaders say a child's core heats at five times the rate of an adult's, and often children are too small to escape from the car on their own.

After airbags were introduced, legislation was passed in 1998 to make it mandatory for children to be buckled into the backseat. Experts believe this has caused many to be forgotten.

The Safety Council of Palm Beach and the law office of David Glatthorn announced the launch of a campaign in hopes of saving children from being left in a hot car.

To get a free information card and bracelet from the Safety Council to help you remember your child, call 1-800-640-2415 or 561-845-8233.

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