Recent rains wipe out drought, where we stand on our water supply

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Everything is looking a lot greener around south Florida lately. From trees to grass, green is all round us.
And it's welcome to some, in fact Twitch the dog has so much green, he's rolling in it!!

Twitch's owner, Courtney Earley, says "There has been a lot more rain this season but it's not been bad overall because it seems to clear out at one point of the day." Which is when Twitch gets some green time.

In the past three months, 20 inches of rain has soaked our soils, and that not only has helped out lawns, it has done wonders for the drought.

While Last year we were in an extreme and exceptional drought here in south Florida, now with the consistent rains each and every day for the past couple months, that drought has been all washed away.

But what about lake Okeechobee?  With recent rains falling along the east coast and south of the lake, it has been slow to fill up. Even though the lake is two feet more than last year, it still has about a foot and a half to go to get back to climatological norms.  

Without a lot of rain on the west coast either, small releases from the lake had to be made westward.

"These were environmental releases aimed at reducing the salinity levels and to help prevent algae blooms" Said Randy Smith of the South Florida Water Management District.

It's not just the environment that gets a hand from the lake.

"Lake Okeechobee serves as our backup water supply for us here on the east coast. The majority of water that we use comes from right under our feet. From the shallow aquifers and then some more down in the Floridan, which is the deep water." Smith continues.

Even though there's been a lot of rain, we still shouldn't waste water.

"It's a good thing to continue to practice the conservation so we can hang on to what we have, so we can have more going into a dry season." Smith said.

And we hope that'll leave twitch rolling in the green, all year long.

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