Rain floods theater floor, show must go on

Shows at Maltz Theatre continue

JUPITER, Fla. - Rehearsal for 'The Music Man' looked a little different Wednesday at Jupiter's Maltz Theatre.

Tuesday night's heavy rainfall prompted some re-arranging of the show's set.

"We had a great performance last night, but it was ended with a little bit of rain that came out of the plenum of the theater which is underneath the seats and into our orchestra pit," explained Andrew Kato, Producing Artistic Director.

Theater employees discovered the orchestra pit with about two feet of water in the morning.

But the show, of course, must go on.

"We immediately pulled all of the equipment and sound equipment that supports the nine piece orchestra," said Kato.

The orchestra moved to the theater's loading dock, which is where they rehearsed and performed, as pumps worked on removing the water.

Each show can bring in about $20,000 for the theater. Employees say canceling the 2 p.m. matinee wasn't an option.

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