Proud Protector women walking from Ft. Lauderdale to Washington D.C. for military awareness

Martin County, Fla. - Who is the guy strapped to the back of someone walking up US-1 the past couple days?

He’s the “Proud Protector,” a symbol created by Donna Street, to show her support for our military while she walks from Ft. Lauderdale all the way up to Washington D.C.

“I wanna reach out and touch the military like they have taken care of me. They’ve had their country carried on their back, so we’re carrying the soldiers on our back.”

The 61 year old walked about 200 miles last week, and has about 1,200 miles to go, right up US-1.

“ It’s a little bit more physical than I thought it would be, but they’re thanking us and we’re thanking them,” said Donna.

Teaming up with her nephew Josh, They have been well received by passers-by, and picked up some people along the way.

“The support we’ve gotten so far is phenomenal, behind me we actually have some of the Martin County firefighters with us, they’ve shown phenomenal support as well as we’ve met a lot of veterans along the way,” Josh Hart said.

Ingrid Ferrara is a Martin County Firefighter and was glad to join the crew.

“Our department as a whole enjoys doing community projects and I said I would love to escort you through our county, because I was just so honored and just taken back by what he was doing,” said Ferrara.

Besides the walking, Donna wants to shake hands with a million people.

“Right now I counted off about 1,500, but I’m on my way to my million,
 said Donna. “My goal is making a difference, one handshake at a time. I think that’s pretty neat”

They are also taking donations along the way that will go to military families with special needs kids.

If you would like to help the Proud Protector team with a place to stay along the way, or a warm meal contact them through their web page at The PROUD PROTECTOR .

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