President Obama gun control proposals: Gun control advocates react to proposed solutions

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- The founder of the non-profit Mothers Against Murderers Association applauded President Barack Obama's efforts to curb gun violence on Wednesday.

Angela Williams founded the group in 2003 after her nephew was killed in Riviera Beach by someone who shot him with an AK-47.

"Those assault weapons are very, very powerful. If it can do what it done to my nephew, I know what it have done to the others. [It broke] his leg in half."

A strong advocate of gun control, Williams has lost ten relatives to gun violence in South Florida.

I know what it can do to a community and a mother, that on the other end of that phone, screaming, because her child has been murdered," she said. "Finally. Now, we have a chance at saving some. If we can just save one it will be a miracle because there is just so much going on out here in the streets. Our president is stepping up. I just hope Congress do what need to be done."

The president faces a tough fight from lobbyists and some members of Congress,

Williams said she planned to press on.

"What I say to Congress is, "Have one of your children get murdered. Be on this other side of the fence like these mothers. And, I betcha your mindset will change. They haven't lost a child like these mothers out here in the community. So, they don't know the pain that we go through."

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