Candidates stump for last-minute votes

Flashing their signs, battling blazing heat, and even a bit of rain, political candidates hope waving at cars will earn just one more vote.
Longtime Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder is running for Congress in the newly formed  District 18. It covers Martin, and St. Lucie counties, and part of Palm Beach County.
"They want to meet the candidate," said Crowder. "They want to see the candidate sweating out here, earning their votes."
Political observers say Crowder is the underdog to the far better-financed campaign of Allen West. His move to the newly-drawn district includes a campaign ad blitz and, according to West, plenty of face-to-face meetings with voters.
"Get out and talk to people, and I think that's what a good Representative should be doing," said West. "Not just going out there and all of a sudden trying to generate enthusiasm at the last moment."
The open seat for Martin County Sheriff is drawing plenty of candidate attention. Former state lawmaker William Snyder spent decades in crime-fighting posts in the sheriff's office, and now wants the top job.
"They see the candidate," explained Snyder. "I'm out here personally, it's hot, I'm engaged in the process. I think it energizes people to vote."
David Dees is a veteran lawman, as well.  He said high visibility campaigning  is critical, if he's going to be elected to sheriff.
"Get face to face with the voter, listen to what their concerns are," said Dees. "It gives you the opportunity to share what your vision for the agency is."
Martin County Sheriff's Major Jon Pietruszewski said his campaign is so grassroots, everybody has multiple roles. He's not only the candidate for Martin County Sheriff, he's also his own sign-maker.
"I don't have a lot of people doing it for me," said Pietruszewski. "We'll be at the polls all day tomorrow for the last day of early voting, and then on Sunday, we'll be pressing the flesh again."
As for a campaign's effectiveness, only Tuesday's votes will tell.
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