Allen West, Patrick Murphy race: West files legal challenge, wants recount

Hearing scheduled for Thursday at 5pm

In the controversial District 18 race involving Republican Allen West and Democrat Patrick Murphy, the lawyers have gotten involved.


The West camp filed paperwork in both St. Lucie and Palm Beach counties asking for a judge to impound all the voting equipment, and at least in the case of St. Lucie County, demanding a hand recount.  A hearing has been scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday in West Palm Beach.


Gertrude Walker has been the Supervisor of Elections for 32 years in St. Lucie County. But Wednesday, she got a request she had never seen before.


 "I can't remember ever having a manual recount of every ballot in a race," said Walker.


Congressman Allen West's camp is asking for that after it appears he came up 24-hundred votes short in his bid for re-election.


That was greater than the half percentage point spread that would trigger an automatic recount.


At the request of the county canvassing board, all of St. Lucie County's ballots have been sealed in a back room with an armed deputy on guard.


West's camp released a statement today that said "The race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome."


West's team alleged the scene in St. Lucie County Tuesday night was chaotic.


"That's subjective, everybody has a job. it might look like chaos to you, everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing," Walker said in response to that charge.


While West's camp makes its charges, we have still yet to hear from the candidate himself.


He did not make an appearance at his own election night event, and his campaign says he will not make any comments until the results are final.


As for Walker, she'll do whatever the judge determines, but has faith in the process.


"I believe it's a fair process, I believe it's an honest process, and with the final results I believe the voters will have every reason to have confidence in it," she said.


In the District 18 race that was so close, more than 5 thousand people did not vote for either West or Murphy.

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