Vice President Joe Biden talks to Florida seniors

COCONUT CREEK— - Vice President Joe Biden told seniors in Coconut Creek Friday that Republicans want to "end Medicare as we know it." 

Biden is taking the message about dangers to the government -funded program across the country. It's a centerpiece of the case for reelection of the Obama-Biden ticket in 2012. There is no bigger wedge issue for seniors than entitlement spending, but Political last year called Democratic claims "the big lie" of 2011.

NewsChannel 5's Michael Williams asked  the vice president about that during an exclusive interview.

Biden argued, "Just look at the facts. The first plan they (Republicans) put forward said within 10 years they would voucher-ize Medicare. Period. That is a different system. That's not Medicare as we know it. This plan (now) talks about being able to choose to get out of plan, go into a voucher-ized plan, and people could stay in that traditional healthcare plan. The effect of that will be that companies cherry pick the healthiest of the elderly, the 68 year old who plays tennis, and leave the 88 year old who has problems."

The vice president also talked about Republican arguments that Medicare--indeed all entitlements--will drive the nation over a financial cliff if major reform is not tackled. Mr. Biden said, "They are partially right. Then why are they protecting the massive giveaway of a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the top two percent over the next ten years."

The entirety of this exclusive interview with Vice President Biden will air on a special edition of To the Point on NewsChannel 5 at 7pm on Saturday, March 24th.

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