Undecided Voters

What Will It Take For Undecided Voters To Decide

West Palm Beach - Paul Kennedy meets with friends for lunch at Don Ramon's restaurant in West Palm Beach. They briefly talk about politics and how Kennedy does not know who to vote for-- President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

Kennedy said "Well, I am an undecided voter because there are issues that are important to me and my family and my life, which are supported by both candidates. For example I believe we need to have a better health care system and the national health care system in the United States and where I don't love the Obama care package, I think it's better than the alternative." 

Along with health care, the attorney says the economy is  important in selecting the candidate who wins his vote. "But then on the economy it's largely believe that the Republicans would be better for small businesses and it directly affects my bottom line and ability to make a living."
David Bacallao is also undecided. "I knew who I wanted to vote for, and then some things came out that made me think about the other person now I feel like when I do go to vote I wish there was a enie minnie minny moe."
How much more time will undecided voters need to make a definite choice. Bacallao said, "Obama has been in there for four years already, he knows what is going on. This guy is new coming in he is a business man. I don't know, I am kind of swayed now, I don't know which way to go."

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