Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney: Chanting erupts on floor of RNC between Paul and Romney supporters

TAMPA, Fla. -- There was an awkward moment on the convention floor Tuesday afternoon, just minutes before the official start of Day 2.

Rep. Ron Paul showed up and the hall erupted in whistles and cheers. But the mood changed when a chant of "President Paul, President Paul" started up from a large number of people on the floor.
Paul responded with a small smile.

Clearly, some Mitt Romney supporters were not pleased with this turn of events. A chant of "Rom-ney, Rom-ney," started up, and the Ron Paul supporters picked up their chant to compensate.

After a few seconds, it was clear that the Paul supporters were winning in the war of words and the Romney supporters quieted down. Later chants included "Let him speak" and "seat him now." Paul was quietly escorted to a seat and the chanting died down.

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