Mitt Romney receives more money from donors in WPTV viewing area than President Barack Obama

Interactive map shows who is donating

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Donors in our area gave more money to presidential candidate Mitt Romney in June 2012 than they did to President Barack Obama, campaign contribution data shows.

More than $347,000 was donated to Romney's campaign while just a  little more than $219,000 was donated to the president's campaign.

WPTV,with the help of our partners at the Scripps Howard News Service, has created an interactive map detailing who has donated to the campaigns of the presidential candidates. The information includes donors with addresses in South Florida and along the Treasure Coast.

By clicking on the icons on the map below you can see who donated to which candidate, when they made the donation and how much they donated. This data is for June 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012 and only contains the most recent donation from an individual.

On the map, the icons correspond with which candidate the donation was made to :

  • Red Icon: Mitt Romney
  • Blue Icon: Barack Obama
  • Yellow Icon: Ron Paul
  • Pink Icon: Rick Santorum
  • Orange Icon: Newt Gingrich

If someone has donated to a campaign more than once during this time period, you will only see the most recent donation made. If you would like to see if an individual has donated more than once you can click on this link to view the table that contains all of the donations made during this time period, including multiple donations made by multiple people.

View the map on a separate page by clicking here.

Any questions about the map can be sent to Lynn Walsh, .

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