Republican National Convention: First day lasts just a few minutes

Welcome to where the Florida delegation will be sitting for all the big speeches this week... They've been placed right in front of the stage and in perfect view of all the TV cameras.

The convention festivities and speeches were supposed to have started earlier Monday, but concerns over Isaac led the GOP to only hold a ten-minute session and adjourn until tomorrow.

Nevertheless, the Florida delegation is eager to help showcase Mitt Romney this week after a difficult summer for the Republican nominee.
"Florida is the most important swing state in the entire country. In addition to that. Hillsborough County, which we are currently in, is the most important county in the country for electing a Romney Ryan ticket. That message does not go unheard," said Florida delegate AJ Matthews.

Speeches taking place all day are expected Tuesday, including Chris Christie, the keynote speaker...along with Ann Romney.

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