Quran burning Florida pastor Terry Jones running for White House

Pastor Terry Jones, the man who infamously burned a copy of the Quran in honor of 9/11, is throwing his hat into the 2012 presidential race.

The pastor announced his presidential bid Wednesday morning.

His campaign, Stand Up America Now, released a statement that features a seven point platform, including deporting all "illegals", bringing all military back on American soil until America's finances are in order and reducing corporate taxes.

"Please financially support us as we continue our stand against radical Islam," the release states.

In September of 2010, President Obama urged Jones to call off the "Burn a Quran" day, warning that the "stunt" could pose a threat to Americans.

After meetings with government officials, Jones agreed to call of the burning, but he ultimately went back on his word and went through with it in March.

Supporters are asked to make a monthly donation to his campaign.



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