President Obama Gallup poll: President's approval plummets, dips under 40% in new poll

(CNN) -- President Barack Obama's nearing his all-time low approval rating in Gallup polling.

According to Gallup's latest daily tracking poll, which was conducted Saturday through Monday and released Tuesday afternoon, 39% of Americans approve of the job the President's doing in the White House, with 53% saying they disapprove.

Obama's all-time low approval rating in Gallup polling was 38%, which he briefly sank to in 2011, and his disapproval rating rose to a record 54% that same year.

The president's approval rating has stood in the low to mid 40s in most non-partisan live operation national polls conducted over the past couple of weeks.

Obama's approval rating, in the aftermath of his 2012 re-election, hovered in the low 50's in most surveys around the time of second inauguration in January of this year.

A president's standing in public opinion polling is considered a gauge of his clout.

--CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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