Police surround protesters near Democratic National Convention


CHARLOTTE, N.C.  -- Police have surrounded a group of protesters who started an unscheduled march near the Democratic National Convention, placing at least one person in handcuffs.
A group of as many as 200 protesters began the march around 12:30 Monday. The group was intentionally heading outside of a designated parade route and didn't have a permit to march. They had only made it a couple of blocks from a city park where they were gathered when hundreds of officers arrived.
Officers made a barricade of mountain bikes to stop the march's progress, surrounded the group and attempted to corral them into the park.
A protester who crossed the barricade was put in handcuffs by officers. The protester had identified himself to a reporter as a veteran named John Pendly earlier in the march.
 A group of 25-30 protesters has also sat in an intersection and is surrounded by officers.
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