Paul Ryan, Republican National Convention: Ryan to take the stage with controversial plans

Wednesday night, Mitt Romney's runningmate, Paul Ryan, will take the convention stage in Tampa.

His presence brings up a controversial issue, especially for Floridians.

How will he address his plans to make major changes to Medicare?

He won't speak for almost 18 hours... But you can be sure the speech is being polished all week long.

NewsChannel5 political analyst Brian Crowley says Ryan has a lot of work to do to ease the concerns of Florida's seniors.

The plan Ryan presented to the House of Representatives would create a voucher system which seniors could use to buy private insurance.

He says its necessary because public funding is drying up for the health insurance program that many seniors rely on.

Democrats say Medicare can be saved in its current form thanks to the president's health care plan - which they say saves the program money.

Crowley says Ryan has a long way to go to sell his message to Florida seniors.

"It's going to be hard for him to back away from some of the very strong statements he has made about reforming Medicare and other entitlement programs and other changes he wants to make to save the Federal deficit," said Crowley. "If you're a Floridian depending on Medicare, and you understand how important it has been to you, you might be a little nervous, not necessarily about Medicare being taken away from you but whether or not it's going to be there for your children and grandchildren."

Ryan is expected to speak tonight during the 10 o'clock hour.

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