Obama, Romney campaigns step up Florida ground operations

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The race for President of the United States a statistical tie according to some polls, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have stepped up their ground operations in Florida and other battleground states thirteen days ahead of Election Day.

Campaign officials have said the outcome of the contest was likely to be decided by the enthusiasm of their supporters and how many of them turned out on Election Day.

Florence Teisch, a Boca Raton resident and Democrat-turned-Republican, volunteered for her first political campaign this year.

Teisch volunteered for the Mitt Romney campaign on Tuesday as volunteers made their one millionth call to Florida voters.

"Never ever in my lifetime have I ever done anything like this," she said. "Wherever they need me that's where I am because I am very passionate about this election.

Passion is what the campaigns are counting on -- hoping voter enthusiasm drives people to the polls on Election Day.

The Obama and Romney campaigns were expected to make a final push for undecided, swing and women voters.

Both have launched aggressive get out the vote campaigns in several must-win states.

"In this time and age, it is very critical and it is very serious now, so we all have to get out there and vote," said Michelle Butterworth, a Hypoluxo resident.

Scott Van Duzer, the owner of Big Apple Pizza who famously gave Obama a bear hug in Fort Piece in September, joined the President's campaign in its message.

"We all have our right to vote. It's one of our greatest liberties," he said. " I don't have a problem with anyone voicing their opinionĀ  as long as they go out and vote."

In 2008, much was made of Obama's ground game.

He has 106 field offices in Florida -- double what he had in 2008.

Not to be outdone, the Romney campaign said it, too, had upped its ground game and had outpaced the efforts of then-candidate John McCain.

So far this election cycle, Republicans in Florida have requested more absentee ballots than Democrats.

Democrats have said their voter outreach will match or surpass that of Republicans.

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