Murphy and West both going to Washington

West not conceding race

Tuesday will mark one week since Election Day. But while the man claiming victory in the hotly contested 18th Congressional District race plans to head to Washington tomorrow, the man he is essentially replacing, has yet to concede the race.


On Veterans Day, Congressman Allen West met with fellow veterans at a Golden Corral restaurant in Boynton Beach, part of the 22nd District where he has served the past two years.


As of Monday, the Republican West trails Democrat Patrick Murphy by just under 2-thousand votes in the redrawn District 18 covering Martin, St. Lucie and northern Palm Beach County. It's a spread of .57%, just outside the half percent spread that would trigger an automatic recount.


West, meeting with Veterans outside a Boynton Beach restaurant, said the fact he "gained" 500 votes during Sunday's recount proves there's something there.


"If people don't want me in Congress, that's fine but don't use the voters and cheat them of the fairness of the electoral process to get to that end," said Congressman West.         


West's camp wants to know why on Sunday only three days of early voting ballots were recounted in St. Lucie County when initially the Supervisor of Elections office there said all early voting ballots would be recounted.

An issue with the memory cards that record ballots prompted Sunday's partial recount.


"When you have a 4-thousand vote swing at 1 o'clock in the morning within a 35-minute period, you've got to explain that . You can't hide behind closed doors  and not talk to the media," added West.


West says he plans to go to Washington Tuesday because there is still a lot that needs to be addressed, including the issue of the "fiscal cliff".


Meanwhile the man who claimed victory, also plans to head to Washington tomorrow. 

Patrick Murphy stopped at the Veterans Day parade in Stuart Monday.  Murphy says he's already reached out to a number of House Republicans.


"I look forward to sitting down with them and looking at some legislation that we can put together to help the people of this district, this state, and this country because we have to get over the gridlock that's killing us right now," said Murphy, the first-time candidate.


As to the point that his opponent, and many others don't feel this race is over, Murphy shrugged that off.


"They're sitting on a lot of money, I'm not surprised by it.  Look, it's behind us, the voters have spoken.  We're looking forward to going to Washington and getting to work."

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