Lois Frankel defeasts Kristin Jacobs' grassroots campaign

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -  Cheers quickly faded in Pompano Beach Tuesday when Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs announced her grassroots campaign for U.S. Congress was defeated.

"I congratulate her. She worked a very disciplined campaign. We jumped in and gave it all we could and it was unfortunately the circumstances of timing and low voter turnout. I'm going to back her all the way," says Jacobs.

Despite the uphill battle against Lois Frankel's name recognition and fundraising, Jacobs' supporters believed she could beat the odds.

"Fingers crossed she's going to do ok," says Rick McKenzie.

But even early on Frankel had a commanding lead and it only grew from there. She netted two-thirds of the vote.

"Kristin got in late. We all know how much money Lois Frankel raised and money is important," says Tim Hernandez.

In the end, Jacobs says lower voter turnout in Broward County - where she currently serves - did her in.

"I think Broward County voter turnout was somewhere around 5%. That's incredibly low for an election, certainly a primary," says Jacobs.

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