Jeff Clemens, Mack Bernard: State Senate 27th district seat recount underway

 Another election, another recount in Palm Beach County.

Jeff Clemens and Mack Bernard campaigned hard for the State Senate's 27th district seat for four months, 25,000 votes were cast, and they're separated by 34 votes.

This recount is automatic because the vote was so close.

To this point, the Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor says things have been smooth.

All the ballots are being put through machines at least twice, with some a third time.

The recount is expected to conclude at around 8 or 9 pm Friday night.

"We don't see ourselves as being behind. We only see it as making sure that every vote that was cast on Election Day, early voting, absentee ballot, gets counted," said Mack Bernard.

"We've waited four months and we're OK with waiting a couple of extra days. The important part is that every single vote gets counted," said Cesar Fernandez, the campaign manager for Jeff Clemens.

A winner will not be declared Friday night.

About 800 ballots will be examined by hand Saturday morning starting at 11:30.

Whoever wins this primary battle will be automatically elected, because the Republican party did not put up a candidate.

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