Jeff Clemens Mack Bernard race a seesaw battle

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -  In the tightest race of the primary election, two candidates left the night Tuesday not agreeing on what should be the outcome.  
Representative Jeff Clemens and Representative Mack Bernard are in the race for the Senate seat in District 27, a position that was created through redistricting.  
Clemens was in the lead by more than 300 votes as polls reported, but absentee and provisional ballots remained uncounted.  

Clemens thanked voters and supporters.  Members of his team said they believed Clemens had enough of a lead by the end of the night to call it a win.
Meanwhile, Bernard and his team anxiously waited for the results, saying many ballots would come from first-time voters.  
Wanting to see every vote counted, members of both teams spent much of the night at the Supervisor of Elections Office.
Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections, explained, "If there's a spread of a ½ % or less we will do a machine recount. If it's ¼ % then we will do what's called a hard recount but really it's just an observatory handout of over and under votes that's what state law requires."

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