Jeb Bush: Is the former Florida governor giving a White House run more serious thought?

Does it take a Bush to beat a Clinton?

Too soon for most of us, but it is a question some Republicans are asking, especially now that some see New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as weakened.

Well, the final answer can wait until we know a lot more about the real 2016 terrain, not the 2014 speculation about it.

But this is worth noting: interest in a Jeb Bush run is up, and the former Florida governor appears to be giving the race more than just a rhetorical look.

In conversations with a half dozen GOP sources this past week, several reported having reliable information about Bush conversations with GOP moneymen. Nothing definitive, these sources said, in fact far from it. But the conversations were interpreted as the beginning of a serious discussion about 2016 viability. Stay tuned!

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