Florida Voting: State Supreme Court justices weigh ending legal battle over new political districts

League of Women Voters say suit should go forward

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida Supreme Court justices are weighing whether to end a lengthy legal battle over new political districts.

Lawyers for the Republican-led Legislature asked the high court Thursday to throw out a lawsuit that says legislators violated strict new standards when they drew up new districts for the state Senate. The maps were adopted last year.
Raoul Cantero, a former Supreme Court justice hired by the Senate, contends that the Supreme Court has already upheld the map once and that the process is now over.
But lawyers for the League of Women Voters and other groups suing over the maps contend the lawsuit should go forward.
They say initial evidence already shows evidence that legislators may have violated the 2010 "Fair Districts" amendment passed by voters
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